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Aim of Radio Sarie


Our Aim

Radio the way you want it.

Do you have your own business, a hobby, or is it a dream to be a radio DJ?

You can be part of Radio Sarie with your own show.

That is in short what it is about. Helping other people promote their intrists or small businesess. Obviously if it is a big business they may be part as well but with terms and conditions.

This is for the people with a passion, but may not have the money to spend to advertise their products, services or talent.But most of all, it's a place to have fun.


Recording Studio

We have our own recording studio and label. Artists use it to record their music then either release it under our label or their own.

You can also use the studio for a one off. You may want to record a song for yourself or to give it to someone else. We can help with that.




If you organise a festival or eny ither event Radio Sarie could do an ouside broadcast. We have all the equipment to provide the entertainment, anouncements ext. If you have musicians at your event they are welcome to use our equipment.

With the South African / Zim get togethers we can also keep the kids busy. We have a tent where they can watch old kids tv shows. Mainly in Afrikaans.

We have in the past even did a live broadcast of a wedding.

Although Radio Sarie is mainly an internet based station we could also broadcast in FM at your function. This means people don't have to be close to our studio to be able to lisen.

Anything is possible.


It is easier for especially the DJ's to use a forum where all the info they need is in one place.

I also prefer forums becaause it is more organised and easy to go back to search for discussions we had in the past.

It is also a good place to get together and lisen to the radio while we chat.



Do Good

We have been doing charty work behind the scenes for years, both Sarie Marais.com and Radio Sarie. It is however difficult to raise money in a personal matter. We have now decided to gice the charity a name and to register it.

The Charity is not part of Radio Sarie Or Sariemarais.com, but work hand in hand with both.


This depend on the DJ. Each DJ promote their own intrists and also play their choice of music.

Some regular programs on Radio Sarie is:

Top 20 - New and old. We lisen to the modern music now doing well in South Africa, but also relive the old days with LM Radio and the old Sprigbok Radio Top 20.

South African / Irish / USA Country music

Artist promotions, or looking back at the music from years gone by.

Contact us / Requests

When we are on air we sometimes open the phonelines. You could then call us by phone, Watsupp or use the chat block on our website to speak direct with the DJ on air to take part of the program.

You could always use the contact form below to cantact us at any time.

Songs about the website and Radio Sarie as well as Old Programs



Our History

I started this website years ago with the aim to leave it to my kids and other South African / Afrikaans / Boere families to remember where we come from and who we are.

It covers everyting that is dear to us, history, tradition, recipies, medicine use by our grandparents. ext ext. There is also a page where our kids can learn, hear and see the animals and flowers ext we grew up with in South Africa.

When i got good feedback from the website i realised ther wasn't a forum where we could speak and express ourself in Afrikaans. I started the forum, SM forum, and it was a huge sucsess. When that took off i thought it would be great if we could lisen to music while we were on the forum and Radio Sarie was born.

Unfortunatly Facebook came along and with everything just getting too big to hndle on my own i closed the forum and gave the radio over to someone else. They did a good job, but due to a tragedy in their family they couldn't carry on with the radio. I have since taken control of Radio Sarie again and am now in the process of rebuilding it.

You can find us on   Faceboekor be part of Our FORUM

Radio Sarie Top 5

Festivals and events

We organise our own events but also support others in promoting theirs.

Contact us for more info.



Number will follow soon

(*44) -3210


Stoke on Trent


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