We do have some regular programs, but mostly we advertise our shows on our FACEBOOK page. Follow us for updates.
Our broadcasters have the freedom to do their shows the way they want. 
Chat show, promote their hobby or business, play music…. it’s up to them. 
Want to get invoved and start your own show?
Contact us, It’s easy and in most cases free and no cost to you.

Outside Broadcasts

Live from your venue.

We can do a live broadcast from your event. Live on the internet, or just supply the entertainment and anouncements.

What’s Included ?

We will supply all the technical equipment needed for the PA at the event. This includes the PA kit itself, cables, mixer, etc.

We will supply the staff to set-up and operate all the equipment during the event.  

We will supply the music, or live entertainment. This will be tailored to suit the event. 

We promote your event on our website and social media.


Want to advertise on Radio Sarie? 

Radio Sarie started off as a community radio station, nothing has changed in the years since. We want everyone to enjoy the radio and to use it to promote their hobbies or small businesess.

In some cases advertising and promotion on our station is free of charge.
Commercial advertisers do pay for advertising, contact us for details.

Our Partner

We are proud to be part of Afri-fest.
Afri-fest will be launced in 2021.
It is a traviling festival. The aim of this is to promote South African music, culture and art around the world. Each festival changes to fit in with a local theme. In Ireland we will combine our gestival with Irish culture, food and music. The same with every other country we visit,

Our Partner

We have the artists and when they release new albums you can hear it here first.

Our Partner

DBR Printing is part of Dogbox records/ We do all our artist’s merch as well as private and corporate printing.

Radio the way YOU want it.

Each of our presenters have the freedom to do their programs the way they want.

Do you have a hobby, started a small business, or always dreamed of being a radio presenter? 

Now with Radio Sarie that is all possible. You can do it from the comfort of your own home at no cost. Or verry little cost. Contact us for details of how to start your own show on Radio Sarie.

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